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User Guide

Dear colleague,

Welcome to the Reading Journey!

Thank you so much for joining us. We are so glad that you have signed up to our amazing new app! We look forward to travelling with you through our literary locations, sharing wonderful books, purposeful activities and lots more!

You should follow the link that you were sent in your sign up email. This will take you to the school dashboard. The link can only be used once. In the event that you need to reset the password, use this link with the email that you used to register https://app.thereadingjourney.co.uk/password/reset

First things first

You cannot access the app until you have set up an account in the Teacher admin area, which is website-based, and is where you land via your sign up or reset email.

IMPORTANT:  Your school pass is automatically generated and visible once you have set up your admin account. You cannot use your admin login details to access the app.

You are the lead teacher for this app. You are now able to add classes, pupils and additional teachers to the system.

First, add your class.

Use the Add a Class button and give your class a name.

Add further classes, if others in your school will be using the app.


Once you have added a class, click on the class name and assign all individual children their own accounts using the Add new student button.

Don’t forget to add yourself so that you can experience the app as the children experience it. You can have your own bookshelf in the Viking Hall (Home) too, which is a great way to start book talk conversations with the children. If you do not set yourself up as a student in your class, you will not be able to view the app. Your login details for the dashboard will not work to log you into the app. 

Password Advice

Please select strong passwords with care and do not use similar ones for multiple children. Surnames are not good password choices, as they can be easily guessed. Impress upon children that they should not disclose their password to others.

To login, children need their school passcode, their username and their password. They will need this every time they log in. They can use this to login to a device at home or at school.

You have access to this information on the teacher dashboard, should they forget their login information. Clicking on a class name will display all pupils and their login details.

You can also add teachers to the system and allow them to add their own class using the Add New Teacher button.

If you want to transfer your lead teacher status to another member of staff, you can also do this, but be aware there can only be one lead teacher on the system.

Selecting Books

You will get the best use out of The Reading Journey app if you have our curated book collections in school. However, we have included some additional books in the app too. If you don’t have these in school, you can simply deselect them using the ‘Set book availability’ function. When you select the book, a coloured flash will appear on the book in the app saying ‘Not in school yet’. This will alert the children not to search for it in your class or library collections, though they may still find a copy at home or the public library.

We can supply any of these books at discounted prices. Email assistant@justimaginestorycentre.co.uk with your requests and we will be happy to help.


Using the Reading Journey App

You will need to download the Reading Journey app from the Apple App Store to an IPad. (Google Play and Android version for Chromebook coming soon.)

The link to the app is here https://apps.apple.com/us/app/reading-journey/id1480406532?ls=1

The Apple ID for this app is 1480406532

Please check the compatibility requirements, as you will need IOS 9 or higher and the app may not be downloaded to some older devices.

  • The versions of the app that are currently available are for years 3 & 4 and for years 5 & 6.

Once the children are logged in to the app, they can begin exploring. Clicking on a location tile brings up a selection of wonderful books to browse through. Many of the books have previews for the children to read before choosing a book to read in full.

You will, of course, get the best use out of the app, if you have the books in school. The books featured in the app are available in discounted packs, either as full sets of 200 books, half sets of 100 books or by theme (10 books for single copies and 30 books for 3 copies of each title).

The idea is that the children will be able to find books from our curated selections in the class book corner or school library. So once they have found a book in the app, they can then find the book in real life. If someone else is reading it then you may want to set up a waiting list… this is a good way to develop anticipation. Having multiple copies of the most popular books is a good idea too if you are able to do this.

Once the child has chosen which book they would like to read, clicking on ‘I’m Reading’  pink button, this will add the cover to their virtual bookshelf in their home (the white Viking Hall in the centre of the screen).

Once the child has finished the book, they can claim the book permanently for their bookshelf by completing the end of book challenge. They can choose 1 of 3 challenges for each book. This results in them building a visual record of everything they have read. If they click on ‘I’ve Read It’, the challenge page will open. These challenges involve recording thoughts and responses via sound, video or text.


Online Safety Advice

The children need to be aware that they should not disclose any personal information, such as name or address, in these responses. Responses are only sent to the teacher and are not visible to any other user or the Reading Journey team.

Accepting Claims

The teacher has the option to accept or rebut the student’s claim that they have read the book, via the dashboard. Click on the child’s name in your class list to access their reading data, claims and journal.

  • Reading = books currently being read.
  • Claiming = books that have been read, challenge has been completed and awaiting a response from the teacher.
  • Claimed = all the books the student has read since they started using the app.

Acceptance will result in the child gaining a prize item to place in their home. Rebuttal will ask them to try the challenge again.

Adding Own Books

Children also have the option to add a book which they have read that is not featured in the Reading Journey. To do this they need to click the + sign on the right of the bookshelf. This will take them to a page where they can take a photo of the book or other text they are reading and then add the details. This means their personalised bookshelf is a true reflection of their reading journey, as it can include material they are reading at home as well as at school.

Reading Behaviour Challenges

Within the app, teachers can award medals based on behaviours they have observed. They can also set a specific challenge to encourage positive reading behaviours.

These medals are designed to be used sparingly, alongside the regular end of book challenges. For example, you may notice (from dashboard data) that a child reads a lot of nonfiction, and you want to encourage them to visit and read a book from another literary land. Or you may want to give some recognition to a child who has tried something new after a period of reading from a limited range of books.

Once the children have completed these extra Reading Behaviour challenges, you can award a medal for their suitcase (which they will find in the home artefacts).

By setting the parameters of the challenges yourself, you can ensure that all children can be successful and rewarded for positive reading behaviour regardless of current reading attainment levels.


Children can receive messages from you.

  1. Acceptance or rebuttal of challenges and any personalised challenges you set for the children will appear in their messages. This is a way for you to demonstrate that you are engaging with the student’s reading. They can respond in their online journal, if appropriate.
  2. You may also choose to send them a general message in response to something they have written in their journal, or general encouragement about their reading choices.


Each child has their own personal reading journal, which they access via their bookshelf, or from an individual book page. Here they can record their thoughts about a book, how far they have read, predictions, questions and responses. Parents can leave comments if they wish, by logging in using their child’s password.

Teachers can read and respond to journal entries via the dashboard (as noted above).

We hope you will find the Reading Journey a fantastic way of guiding children towards more adventurous reading choices, as well as tracking those choices and their responses, both individually and classwide.


Finding the App

The easiest way is to click the link at the top of your School Dashboard.

You can also find the app by typing ‘Reading Journey’ into the search facility. Or using this link https://apps.apple.com/us/app/reading-journey/id1480406532?ls=1

The ID number in the VPP store is 1480406532.

Downloading the app

If you have a problem downloading the app from the app store, for instance you receive the message, ‘This app is incompatible with your device’, it could be because:

  • your version of IOS is out of date (9.0 or later is required). Update your software and try again.
  • your device is an older iPad version. The full list of compatible devices is listed with the app description on the Apple App store.

Books and Resources Not Displaying

New resources are added to the app periodically. Should you open the app and find the data has not loaded, you simply need to exit the app and then tap the Wordless Waterfall on the home screen 10 times and the app will update.

Other issues

If for any reason the app closes while it is being used, simply log back in; the data will have been saved. This is only likely to occur after an interval of prolonged heavy use.

For support, please contact: info@justimaginestorycentre.co.uk